UC Browser Apk Download Latest Version March 2023 For Android

UC Browser Apk Download 2023 is a Browser App for mobile internet. Developed by a Chinese mobile internet company called UCweb. This UC browser is launched for all devices like android, iOS, Nokia, blackberry, windows, and others devices.

There were a lot of users who used this browser. Due to its huge user base in China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and many other countries, this browser’s growth was then undefined as it reached 100 million users in March 2014.

UC Browser Apk supports lots of features compared to other browsers. The technology that is present and used by this browser is cloud acceleration and data compression.

The UC Mini Apk was first launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application. Later on, this browser was considered the second most used browser passing ‘safari’ in 2015 according to Stat Counter it was given that this was the second most used mobile browser worldwide.

UC Download Apk Browser is compatible with numerous operating systems like android, iOS, windows, windows Phone8, blackberry, and Symbian. Although UC Browser App Download Apk Browser has the largest user base on Android which is 300 million and it’s 500 million for Google’s mobile OS.

There are three versions of this browser. That is UC Mini Apk Download, UC Browser HD, and UC browser. All these are for Android.

UC Browser Latest Apk browser compresses the data that will be sent to the users and supports multi-downloading tasks at once. It makes the data compressed because it uses a proxy through which the server act’s. It also has cloud-syncing features and an HTML5 web app.

What Is UC Browser Apk?

UC Browser Old Version is a fast and secure internet browsing app that is developed for users who want to use it simply and easily. There is a video player present inside it and with its unique self-developed U4 engine.

It satisfies you with a smooth browsing experience in all sections like downloading, visiting websites, watching videos, and more.

The Upgraded Web Browsing Experience

is a feature of the new version of the UC Turbo Apk. This new version uses the unique self-developed U4 engine which makes the data connection more fast and smooth.

Download UC Browser

It performs as a 20% extra improvement in web connection, standard support, video-watching experience, and so on. Personal information security, stability, and storage management are now advanced when compared to the old version.


You can browse all the popular websites directly from the homepage itself including all the social media platforms, shopping, sports, game streaming, video streaming, etc. All these can be browsed with no limit.

  • you can also turn on Facebook mode to get instant notifications from the Facebook app.
  • UC Browser Turbo Apk App saves your data and compresses the data with its awesome feature.
  • high-quality videos can be streamed whenever you wish to watch videos.
  • It supports multi-threads and gives the experience of faster download.
  • Blocks the unknown and unwanted ads and notifications.
  • The Incognito tab helps to make your browsing secure and private.
  • 20 plus languages are supported to make the user experience easier.

Main Features You Might Like

Fast and Stable Navigation

There will be no issues with the slower browsing experience and there will be no question of hang. Because navigation will be in a good flow.

Fast mode

Faster downloading experience and saves most of our data and speeds up navigation.


Blocks the ads which annoy you with unwanted content and notifications.

Facebook Mode

The Facebook mode will help you to turn on notifications for your Facebook and speeds up Facebook.

Smart Downloading

Smart Downloading will help you to download the files faster than before and also if any sudden breakdown of the internet is caused again the download starts from the breakpoint.

Video for All Tastes

There will be a lot of videos for you to browse and watch. Girls, kids, anime, war films, environment-based, and a lot more can be seen.

Control videos and gestures

Volume, video brightness, progress, etc. This can be controlled through gestures in the UC Browser Apk Old Version.

Night mode

This helps you when you are in a dark place or at night times to make you feel more comfortable.

Increased Download Speed

The download speed has been now faster than other browsers’ download speed.

Increased Browsing Speed

you can experience the latest and trendy browsing speed with its latest version. The latest technology provides you with a lightning-speed browsing experience.

Managing Files on Your Device

provides an advanced and safe way to manage the files on your videos.

Add ones

you can also install the additional ones for your mobile as you do that on your PCs in Google Chrome and Firefox.


you can also refer to or select any sites for you to display on your home screen like gaming, shopping, and so on.

Smooth User Experience

use without any distractions in the middle and a fast download experience. Enjoy a smooth surfing experience with your download speed and result from display speed.

Cricket Card Feature

to make your cricket experience easier you can turn on this feature and get all the live updates of All the cricket matches and also you can check for the highlights of all the matches.

Data Saving

speeds up the navigation. Results in the compression of data and make you spend fewer data on any downloads or while browsing.


blocks the unwanted and unknown ads that occur when browsing. It goes like add-free for your android mobiles and no pop-ups are found.

Videos For all Tastes

you can also find all the different videos to watch. All different categories of videos can be found for all kinds of tastes like girls, kids, anime, cricket, series, war films, and so on.

Facebook mode

UC Browser Apk Download New Version mode will let your notifications drop instantly in this browser and can be used easily. Increased network speed for your Facebook website.

Night Mode

you can also switch to night mode because whenever you are in a dark place or wish to use this application at night times this makes you feel comfortable for your eyes.

100% Free and Safe

the secure and safest browser now a day is this UC Browser Mini Apk because of its enhancing features and the engine it uses makes it safe and secure for the users. Recently this app was taken down from the Google Play Store.

All you need to do is to go to the website of this application and download the app of this app. You can also go with the other versions of the UC Turbo Apk Download like UC browser mini and UC Browser HD for your android device.

Additional features

without using any other websites you can browse or see all the trending news of all time. It includes additional features like a news feed, live cricket streaming, viral videos, and many more serials and other things.

These are all inbuilt features that make you see all these in one app. So you need not search for it in any other apps or websites because this UC Browser Mini Apk provides you with all the comforts you need.

This can be found in the new and latest version of the UC Browser Apk Download For PC.

App Name UC Browser Apk
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v13.4.0.1306
App size 65 Mbps
Platform ucmini.co.in
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v13.4.0.1306

Download UC Browser

Download v12.12.10.1227

Download UC Mini


UC Browser Apk Download Old Version

Download v12.12.9.1226

Download UC Browser

How to Install UC Mini Old Version?

For installing this application all you need to do is to follow the simple steps mentioned below and get this app downloaded on your android device or your tab.

Note: you need to go to your settings and enable install unknown sources through the windows android security menu.

  1. Download the UC Browser 2021 Apk Download from the link provided at the top of this article. Or you can visit the website and get it downloaded.
  2. The file will be in a compressed zip file, so you should use any file manager to extract it from the zip file.
  3. You can then click on the extracted file and just follow the on-screen given instructions to install the app.

Once the UC Browser Mod Apk application is installed you can use it in a seamless flow without any restrictions. You can enjoy all the features like browsing and downloading speed, enhanced web connection, faster navigation experience, add-blocks, and so on.

Final Words

So this is all about UC Browser Apk Download 2023. We wish that you are satisfied and felt advantageous by reading this article about UC browsers. From this, you will be getting a complete idea about this application.

There are a lot more other browsers and we think that this browser is more extraordinary than other browsers so we prefer you to use this browser for your experience of joy.

You will surely love UC Browser 2023 Apk Download for sure for its features and browsing speed.

For you to use this application for your android and iOS this is the solution for you. But if you are searching for a source to install the UC Browser Apkpure on your PC then you can use any android emulators to download this and use this application.

So keep visiting our website for the latest mod Apks and other useful Apks. If you are still facing any issues with downloading this application or using the UC browser Uptodown.

You can connect through us via the comment section below and please do write to us in case of any problem that arises in case of this browser.

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